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british cat EC Richard Lion's Heart Wonderfleur*Ru, Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Richard
british cat SC Xmas Merry Holiday Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Maks
british cat GIC Westways Lilac Pearlyking. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Markiz
british cat IC DK*Hampton Court's Queen of Hearts. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Queen of Hearts
british cat Canny Blue Lion Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Canny

british cat EC Magic Creature Wonderfleur*Ru DM. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Magic
british cat EC Perl Sunny Fackel*Est. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Perl
british cat SC Diamond Cherry Blossom Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Jessica
british cat SC DK*Hampton Court's Quality Choice. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Honey
british cat SC Ultra Beauty Wonderfleur*Ru DVM.Владелец Строкань Анна тел.8-916-215-91-66Ultra
british cat GIC Silki Sining Coat Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Silky
british cat IC Quick Shadow Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Quick
british cat International Champion  Victory Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel.+7-916-215-91-66Victory
british cat Nalini Flower's Princess Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Nalini
british cat  Emotion de Noble*LV. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66Emmy
british cat Champion  Zinnia Lilac Doll Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel.8-916-215-91-66Zinnia
british cat Young Fast Paws Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Young Fast
british cat GIC Silki Sining Coat Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Silky


      "WONDERFLEUR*Ru" Cattery

Breeder Strokan Anna   (+7495) 422-34-36, +7-916-215-91-66

  e-mail: wonderfleur@yandex.ru   

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British Shorthair cats Wonderfleur*Ru Cattery.  Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66.

   You have brought a small kitten to your home and now you need to learn how to care for it. At first, your little kitten will require your full attention, although not for long.

   Your kitten will be getting used to the new home from about ten to fourteen days.

   You need to monitor closely that the kitten always has a free access to his toilet, otherwise he will “go” to another place, and then it will be very difficult to train him all over again.

   Cat’s ears are protected from dust and dirt with dense brushes of hair. They should be cleaned only when thick dirt is detected. Wrap some cotton wool around your index finger, slightly moisten it with warm water or ear cleaner and clean the outer ear.

   All the cats in the mornings have a little "sleepy eyes" - in the corners of the eyes there is a little discharge. This is especially seen in kittens, because they cannot clean themselves well yet. Clean the corners of the eyes with a cotton swab dipped in warm water and squeezed dry. With adult cats you can do it carefully with you index finger.

   After your kitten is 8 months old it is good to give a paste to remove hair from the body. I use either paste called "Malt-Soft" from "Gimpet"; or paste called "MaltPast" from "Beaphar". To remove excess hair it is enough to stroke your kitten using slow movements against the fur with wet hands. You need to comb your kitten once or twice a week using a soft metal comb with frequent teeth and a rubber glove.

   If you have any further questions, please write or call!

   Anna Strokan.


  To the purchaser:
Kittens are sold from the nursery by the breeder personally, after the signing of the corresponding written contract. There are no any intermediaries!

  All cats in the cattery do not mate with "outside" animals of other owners.

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