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british cat EC Richard Lion's Heart Wonderfleur*Ru, Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Richard
british cat SC Xmas Merry Holiday Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Maks
british cat GIC Westways Lilac Pearlyking. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Markiz
british cat IC DK*Hampton Court's Queen of Hearts. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Queen of Hearts
british cat Canny Blue Lion Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Canny

british cat EC Magic Creature Wonderfleur*Ru DM. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Magic
british cat EC Perl Sunny Fackel*Est. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Perl
british cat SC Diamond Cherry Blossom Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Jessica
british cat SC DK*Hampton Court's Quality Choice. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Honey
british cat SC Ultra Beauty Wonderfleur*Ru DVM.Владелец Строкань Анна тел.8-916-215-91-66Ultra
british cat GIC Silki Sining Coat Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Silky
british cat IC Quick Shadow Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Quick
british cat International Champion  Victory Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel.+7-916-215-91-66Victory
british cat Nalini Flower's Princess Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Nalini
british cat  Emotion de Noble*LV. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66Emmy
british cat Champion  Zinnia Lilac Doll Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel.8-916-215-91-66Zinnia
british cat Champion Forget-Me-Not Wonderfleur*Ru. Владелец Строкань Анна тел.8-916-215-91-66Forget-Me-Not
british cat Treasure of Queen Wonderfleur*Ru. Владелец Строкань Анна тел.8-916-215-91-66Queen


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British Shorthair cats Wonderfleur*Ru Cattery.  Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66.

   In England British short-haired cats are known for more than 138 years. In 1871 they have been presented at the first cat show which took place in Crystal Palace, London.

   The long and steady development of the breed has led to certain qualities which have been accepted as standard by English feline society GCCF, and much later, in 1980 - and International feline organization FIFe.

   The modern type of the British blue cat has been developed not only by natural selection throughout hundreds of years, but also by breeders’ careful work. Englishmen consider the British blue cats "as aristocrats among cats" and are proud of them the same as of English bulldogs.

   Among all English breeders "PENSYLVA" cattery has made the greatest impact on the development of the British short-haired breed during the post-war years. Animals, who have been taken out from this cattery to Europe, became winners of the most prestigious international shows. Among them there was Int. Ch. Pensylva Julia which, being in Germany, has made an enormous impact on the development of German and Dutch lines of the breed. In England this cattery also has left a rather appreciable trace: from cat Pensylva Thomasina Buboo there was a first Grandee the Champion under system GCCF, namely blue stud Gr. Ch. Brynbuboo Little Monarch. He amazed all with his beauty and gathered a lot of admirers among breeders. This gave a powerful spur to the breed development. Alan Edward in his article "Aristocrats among cats", published in the August issue of English magazine "Cat World" for 1998, said: "It is impossible to mention all most successful breeders working now with British blue, but it is necessary to note catteries " FENDALE " (1960-1980) and "COPPINS" (untill 2000). Both catteries were founders of outstanding lines that won highest prices." In 1998 Mrs. Jill Howe (the owner of "COPPINS" cattery) is recognized as the best breeder in England of the British blue cats.

   Modern "Brits" are powerful cats with a medium to large body, thick neck, and massive head. Studs can reach up to 11-12 kg. They have charming face with full cheeks, a medium broad nose, round ears and large wide-set eyes usually of a copper or orange colour.

   It is not a coincidence that British short-haired are so loved by the busy English - "Brits’" appearance and character correspond to one of a gentleman. This breed is a delight to own, being intelligent, affectionate and not temperamental. They have quiet voices and although not "lap cats" they will sit contentedly beside humans, full of self-respect. They love to eat well and cope nicely with cold weather.

   British cats come in all colours, but most popular are - blue, lilac, cream, black, white, silver “Brits” (Black Tipped, Red Tipped, Golden Tipped), as well as colorpoint with many colour variations. However, the most striking and popular colour is - the classic blue. At British cat shows this colour is traditionally the largest group of animals.

   Keeping British Shorthair as pets – is a pleasure, considering their excellent natural health. In addition, the "Brits" do not need frequent washing and combing. They have a calm, steady character. They will not climb the curtains or jump on the cabinets, will not be under your legs, trying to draw attention to themselves. British cats are convenient in all aspects: they can easily live in a small apartment, as well as in a large country house with a garden. Can be left alone for considerable periods of time during the day and will not get nervous. Do not require much attention and never loses patience. We can say that this cat fits all. Everyone adores such plush little bear-like cats with tender eyes and they feel perfectly comfortable with anyone and anywhere provided that they are loved, well feed and cared for.

   Loved for their quiet nature these cats are not just for your “living room” and never lose the desire to play. If there is a garden available, then nature wakes up their feline soul, and “His Majesty” climbs trees and hunt for birds with impeccable skill.

   If you want to have a powerful, plush cat that is confident in its irresistibility, with truly English manners - you want a "Brit". Such a kitten will be a rare enrichment of your home - clever and tender, with refined grace of a true "aristocrat" among cats.

   On my site you will meet magnificent representatives of the British Shorthair breed and, perhaps, will chose a cute kitten, which will become your favourite pet.

   Anna Strokan.

  Distinguished Merit
EC (FIFe) Coppins Copperfield DM
Breeder Mrs. Jill Howe (Great Britain)
  Distinguished Merit
EC (FIFe) Adquash Cherry Blossom DM
Breeder Mrs. Caroline James (Great Britain)

  To the purchaser:
Kittens are sold from the nursery by the breeder personally, after the signing of the corresponding written contract. There are no any intermediaries!

  All cats in the cattery do not mate with "outside" animals of other owners.

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