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british cat EC Coppins Copperfield DM. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Charlie
british cat SC Xmas Merry Holiday Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Maks
british cat GIC Westways Lilac Pearlyking. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Markiz
british cat IC DK*Hampton Court's Queen of Hearts. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Queen of Hearts
british cat Canny Blue Lion Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Canny

british cat SC Diamond Cherry Blossom Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Jessica
british cat SC Ultra Beauty Wonderfleur*Ru DVM.Владелец Строкань Анна тел.8-916-215-91-66Ultra
british cat Nalini Flower's Princess Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Nalini
british cat  Emotion de Noble*LV. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66Emmy
british cat CH Quick Shadow Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Quick
british cat International Champion  Victory Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel.+7-916-215-91-66Victory
british cat Supreme Champion  Zinnia Lilac Doll Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel.8-916-215-91-66Zinnia
британская кошка Champion Forget-Me-Not Wonderfleur*Ru. Владелец Строкань Анна тел.8-916-215-91-66Forget-Me-Not
british cat Treasure of Queen Wonderfleur*Ru. Владелец Строкань Анна тел.8-916-215-91-66Queen

Our veterans:
british cat EC Richard Lion's Heart Wonderfleur*Ru DM, Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Richard
british cat W.Ch. Blenim Blue Royal Lady. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Princess
british cat EC Adquash Cherry Blossom DM. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Cherry
british cat EC Jamping Treasure Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Treasure
british cat EC Magic Creature Wonderfleur*Ru DM. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Magic
british cat EC Game of Nature Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Game of Nature
british cat EC Perl Sunny Fackel*Est. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Perl
british cat SC Estefaniya. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Estefaniya
british cat GIC Gertruda Adalvaice*BY.Owner  Strokan Anna тел.8-916-215-91-66 Gertruda
british cat Queen of Love Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Queen
british cat SC DK*Hampton Court's Quality Choice. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Honey
british cat Young Fast Paws Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Young Fast
british cat GIC Silki Sining Coat Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel. +7-916-215-91-66 Silky

      "WONDERFLEUR*Ru" Cattery

Breeder Strokan Anna   (+7495) 422-34-36, +7-916-215-91-66


Cattary british cats Wonderfleur*Ru.Breeder Strokan Anna (495) 422-34-36, 8-916-215-91-66.

   I am glad to welcome you on the web page of my cattery.
   "WONDERFLEUR*Ru" is my breeders prefix registered with the FIFe (Federation International Feline), a leading international cat fancier society which is composed of 41 members from 39 countries.
   I am also proud to be a member of Cats Lover Club "Bastet" This club is a part of ARCCA (All Russian Cats Clubs Association) being the registration body for pedigree cats under FIFe rules.
   My cattery is one of the oldest in Russia. I have been mainly breeding the pedigree British shorthair cats of Blue, Lilac, Cream, Bicolour, Colourpointed, White, Black, Red sported and blotched tabby as well as torties colours since 1995. All my cats and kittens are FIFe registered and are cared for in our home with my family.
   Cattery "Wonderfleur*Ru" - is unique in Russia, as it's all "Studs-and-Queens-founders" had been exported directly from well-known English catteries, such as "BLENIM", "COPPINS", "WESTWAY", "MISKIN" and from charming Mrs. Caroline James, the breeder who lived in Norfolk county. Later one Stud and one Queen were taken from Denmark - "DK*HAMPTON COURT'S" as their mother was from the same prominent English inbreeding group as my stud EC COPPINS COPPERFIELD DM.
   "Wonderfleur*Ru" conducts active show work and pedigree breeding. Six of my breeding cats are renowned to be the first queen and stud among all cat's breeds in Russia to be awarded to a respectable FIFe title - "Distinguished Merit" (DM), 21 - the title of the European Champion (EC) or Supreme Champion (SC), which is the highest title under FIFe system; 9 - the title Grand Inter Champion; 28 - the title of Inter Champion; 19 - the title of the Champion of Breed; 1 - "Distinguished Variety Merit" (DVM). One our kitty, LILLIAN LOVELY DOLL WONDERFLEUR*Ru, the granddaughter of COPPINS COPPERFIELD, became the first from all the British shorthairs in Russia to get the title of Junior Winner. Three cats born in my cattery proved to be the World Champion under WCF.
   In 2011 the cattery became the 3d among the catteries of of Cats Lover Club "Bastet" and the 6th among all FIFe catteries in Russia. It has been achieved on the base of the results shown by cats of my cattery at the FIFe's catshows during 2011.
   All our nurslings and their offspring have their own stile and features. They are favourites at the international exhibitions in various regions of Russia and other countries, and provide high quality litters themselves. All kittens have compact build, dense plush coats that are often described as an excellent crisp, big round head with full, cobby, small widely placed ears and large round bright eyes. All kittens have quiet and stable character making them ideal for families with children, as well as older owners. These are the qualities that are of great interest and demand among other breeders involved in breeding the pedigree "Brits". The majority of kittens from our cattery have been sold for breeding purpose to the various cities of Russia and other countries.
   If you want to have a powerful, plush cat that is confident in its irresistibility, with truly English manners - you want a "Brit". British shorthair cats are convenient in every aspect: can easily live both in a small apartment, and in a big country house with a garden. They can stay home alone during the day and do not get nervous, not terribly demanding of attention. Everyone adores such plush little-bear-like cats with tender eyes and they feel perfectly comfortable with anyone and anywhere provided that they are loved, well feed and cared for. Such a kitten will be a real pet and treasure of your home - clever and tender, with refined grace of present "aristocrat" among cats.
   On my page you will get acquainted with charming and very nice representatives of the British shorthair breed and, maybe, will pick up a nice kitten for yourself that will become your favourite pet.

Thank you for your visit!

Anna Strokan.

  Distinguished Merit
EC (FIFe) Coppins Copperfield DM
Breeder Mrs. Jill Howe (Great Britain)
  Distinguished Merit
EC (FIFe) Adquash Cherry Blossom DM
Breeder Mrs. Caroline James (Great Britain)

  To the purchaser:
Kittens are sold from the nursery by the breeder personally, after the signing of the corresponding written contract. There are no any intermediaries!

  All cats in the cattery do not mate with "outside" animals of other owners.

  All materials published on and www., are protected in accordance with the laws of Russia, including copyright and related rights. Use of any site materials is possible only with the permission of the owner.

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