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EC Coppins Copperfield DM Charlie
GIC Westways Lilac Pearlyking Markiz
EC Richard Lion's Heart Wonderfleur*Ru Richard
SC Xmas Merry Holiday Wonderfleur*Ru Maks
IC DK*Hampton Court's Queen of Hearts Queen of Hearts
Canny Blue Lion Wonderfleur*Ru Canny

W.Ch. Blenim Blue Royal Lady Princess
EC Adquash Cherry Blossom DM Cherry
EC Jamping Treasure Wonderfleur*Ru Treasure
EC Magic Creature Wonderfleur*Ru DM Magic
EC Game of Nature Wonderfleur*Ru Game of Nature
EC Perl Sunny Fackel*Est Perl
SC Estefaniya Estefaniya
GIC Gertruda Adalvaice*BY.Owner  Strokan Anna тел.8-916-215-91-66 Gertruda
Queen of Love Wonderfleur*Ru Queen
Young Fast Paws Wonderfleur*Ru Young Fast
SC Diamond Cherry Blossom Wonderfleur*Ru Jessica
SC DK*Hampton Court's Quality Choice Honey
british cat SC Ultra Beauty Wonderfleur*Ru DVM.Владелец Строкань Анна тел.8-916-215-91-66Ultra
Nalini Flower's Princess Wonderfleur*Ru Nalini
british cat  Emotion de Noble*LV. Owner Strokan Anna тел.8-916-215-91-66Emmy
GIC Silki Sining Coat Wonderfleur*Ru Silky
CH Quick Shadow Wonderfleur*Ru Quick
british cat Champion  Victory Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel.8-916-215-91-66Victory
british cat Champion  Zinnia Lilac Doll Wonderfleur*Ru. Owner Strokan Anna tel.8-916-215-91-66Zinnia
british cat Champion Forget-Me-Not Wonderfleur*Ru. Владелец Строкань Анна тел.8-916-215-91-66Forget-Me-Not
british cat Treasure of Queen Wonderfleur*Ru. Владелец Строкань Анна тел.8-916-215-91-66Queen


      "WONDERFLEUR*Ru" Cattery

Breeder Strokan Anna   (+7495) 422-34-36, +7-916-215-91-66

  e-mail: wonderfleur@yandex.ru   

http://www.wonderfleur.ru    http://www.briad.ru    http://www.britishcats1.ru   

  Distinguished Merit
EC (FIFe) Coppins Copperfield DM
Breeder Mrs. Jill Howe (Great Britain)
  Distinguished Merit
EC (FIFe) Adquash Cherry Blossom DM
Breeder Mrs. Caroline James (Great Britain)
  To the purchaser:
Kittens are sold from the nursery by the breeder personally, after the signing of the corresponding written contract. There are no any intermediaries!

  All cats in the cattery do not mate with "outside" animals of other owners.

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